Siete Transportation
Servicio Internacional de Enlace Terrestre S.A. de C.V.
What we do determines who we are

Siete is a company with over 25 years of experience in the international freight transport area. We are solutions suppliers that offer maximum safety in the transfer of goods from each of our clients. We offer express service in Mexico.

Your Best Option

In addition to the experience gained over 25 years in the industry, we are a safe company compliant with US CUSTOMS, CBP, C-TPAT, DOT, SCT, NEEC and SAT. With an infrastructure to support your growth and merchandise location via internet and dispatchers.


To become strategic allies of our clients, offering them our experience, responsibility, security, speed, respect and quality in services.


Offer excellent services in the transport and distribution of merchandise, being the right solution for our customers

Security policy

Committed to International Security, implementing ZERO TOLERANCE for all our staff. All employees are required to report to the general direction and coordinator of C-TPAT the slightest suspicion of contamination and terrorism in our shipments.

Quality policy

In Servicio Internacional de Enlace Terrestre S.A. de CV, we are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers, through a specialized transport service that meets the specifications and requirements, through an adequate quality management system and our talented staff, directing all our efforts to continue improving our service.


• 30 years of experience.  • 500 units for transport service of different capacities  • 1,300 Trailers of different sizes and types.  • Corporate in Cd. Juarez, Chih.  • Terminal in El Paso, Tx.  • Service base in Torreon  • Direct correspondent in the United States  • Alliances with other carriers in Usa.

Quality objectives

• To fulfill the expectations and requirements of our clients, maintaining a satisfactory result of the service quality surveys applied to all our clients.
• Have the best personnel, through an adequate and timely detection of needs, establishing coaching and training programs in all areas.
• To achieve that the functionality of our installed electronic systems and programs allow us to make our operations and services more efficient.
• Monitor the indicators, goals and objectives of each of the areas on a monthly basis.
• Have an adequate infrastructure of transport equipment and boxes, as well as the main facilities and offices.
• Be a profitable company, keeping budget limits against the real exercised.
• Sensitize and inform our clients about the changes in the market environment (regulations, laws, politics, international, etc.) in order to maintain an operation free of problems and contingencies.